Saturday, 11 February 2012

What do i write

Morning everyone,
So what do i write about in my blog?  I've noticed some blogs are about there projects how things are made & some  include blog candie  :)  Others seem to write about all and sundry my daughter being one of them, you can see her amazing blog here where she talks about her life in Oxford, crafting and other things.
Me, i seem to get stuck never quite knowing what to say, tend to keep my posts short and to the point, maybe its time i started to 'open up'  a little..shall have to have a think on that one  :)
Keep warm & safe
Jay x

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Goodmorning one 'n' all, its a beautiful morning lovely 'n' bright still no sign of the snow...but cold brrrrrrr
Just one or two cards this morning...made these during the last few weeks, been keeping myself busy.
Made this one for my DIL birthday which isn't until March, she is mad about cats and i just luv this one.
Stamped and embossed which was fun for me as i have never been to good at embossing but think this one has turned out just 'dandy' with the little paw prints stamped as the background.
Thought the corner scroll look fab with the little gems in and the added butterfly & pink ribbon finished it of nicely.

Here's the second one 'Teddy in a bag'  oh dear i'm terrible really can't remember where i got the decoupage from, something else i need to 'brush up' on  there really is alot to this blogging lark ... isn't there? but i'm still learning and shall get there in the end i'm sure.

Any really helpful/constructive comments that will help me with my blogging will always be appreciated!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Must try harder

Well here it is the lst February, whatever happend to January?   I haven't been the most prolific of bloggers in the past but am going to try better ( lol, sounds like on of my school reports)
I have made quite a few new cards & have had a go at making some bookmarks with charms etc' will get round to photographing them and getting them up as soon as possible.
Maybe a few more of you will take an interest in my blog if i actually did something with it hahaha.
It's been blooming cold here in West Norfolk as i guess it is pretty much anywhere else, so i'm glad to finally be tucked up indoors for the evening :)
Whatever you are doing stay safe and warm, see you soon.