Wednesday, 10 July 2013

First weigh in....

First weigh in since going it alone was yesterday and i've lost 1 1/2lb making a total of 21 1/2lb since October, slow, slow, slow but hopefully will keep off.
I guess eating all those salads is helping, i can eat that stuff  indefinitely  so a happy bunny at the moment :)

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Wow, i had a really lovely day out at Beccles yesterday,  the weather was beautiful, the company was great and as promised had an up to date photo taken....

Now come on don't i look alot different from the previous photo (below somewhere)  this is having lost 1 1/2 stone,  i am well happy about it....
Onwards & upwards or should that be onwards & downwards lol
Blessings x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Hi friends,  I cringe every time i look at the photograph on the post below, really hadn't realized how much weight i had put on.  That's what comfort eating does for be warned.
Todays been a good day,   eating has been healthy ~ might give myself a little treat later on ... well you have to have treats don't you otherwise this loosing weight business will become to stressful then you land up at stage one again.
Back to the photograph thing,  think i will get a friend to take some more for me over the weekend so that i can see how far i have come,  i've been loosing inches even if my weight hasn't done much, i've gone from a size 18 jeans down to a size 14 and some of those i can pull on & off without undoing (oooer to much info' lol)
Well my friends what have you been upto?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Oh My!

Hello blog  :)  Well after a long time of being ignored today you are being given a new lease of life...
Today, you are going to start telling a very different story to that purpose you were created.
I may well put some of my crafty bits 'n' pieces on here but you are going to help me through my journey to lose weight.....
Well blog  yr going to be a bit of a 'mish~mash' of things  ... what do you think of that lol

Ok...deep breath coming up, the decision has been made as from today i shall no longer be going to Slimming World. Since March this year  (2013) my weight has fluctuated between 1/2lb, 1 1/2lb or maintaining nothing more ~ nothing less.
Since October '12 i have lost  20lbs, ok i know 20lb is 20lb gone, but i'm not impressed. So today i weighed myself on my friends digital scales which has put me at 1 1/2lb more than SW, some of which i am putting down to the fact that i weighed myself at 2.30pm as opposed to 10.30 am. The £5.00 spent at SW every week will now be saved ~ meaning by end of November that will be £100.00 saved towards Crimbo or a new wardrobe  :)
So here we's weigh in puts me at 12st 12lbs will be weighing myself every Tuesday around 2.30ish and i  am hoping that anyone that reads this blog will help and encourage me to get where i would like to be :) 

Me on 13/3/2013


 1lb of fat

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Oh boy has my blog been negleted or what!  I have promised myself a thousand times that i wouldn't let that happen but happen it has.
So much has past through my life in the months gone by, some good some not so good and i have struggled with much of it....I guess they call it life, and i find myself having to make another decision  that is hard to make but if i want my life to be my own then i shall have to make the right decision whether i actually like it or not.
Nobody said life would be easy, but i seem to have been tested to the limit this year and i for one will be only to happy to see the back of 2012.
Who knows what 2013 will bring but i am hoping that with more positive vibes around me my life will be alot happier.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Promise

When Life is a tunnel, so twisting, so black
That you can't see your way forward, nor feel your way back
Then just call out to me.
When you stand in such need of a friend
I am the comforting voice in your darkness
The sympathy no words can express
The warm glow around you when misfortune strikes cold
The shoulder to lean on, the hand stretched out to hold.
Whatever your need is, then that will I be
Until you walk forth in the light at the end.

Author unknown

Balance Bundle

I have been 'studying' Native American Ways for a while now, and one of the things in this particular lesson is the 'Balance Bundle' the belief is that to release emotion that stays in the body make a medicine bundle.

Identify the of mine for example at the moment would be 'anger' it is suggested that I would need to find a 'twig' and name that twig 'anger' (and so on depending on which emotions I want to release) then break the 'anger' twig and throw it away...saying 'release anger'(& so on until all twigs have been thrown)

Then place inside a piece of cloth a small stone with 'anger' written on it (or whatever emotion it is you're dealing with - on seperate stones)...roll up this cloth and carry it with you to remind you that you have let go of that 'bad' feeling, or that you are in the process of 'letting go'

Monday, 27 August 2012

Blue Moon

Dont forget we have a Blue Moon on 31st August 2012, to learn more about this facenating phase of our moon look here