Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Cupboard

Just a quickie today (trying to get myself motivated) thought i'd tell you about  The Cupboard, Chrystal Rose Design Crafts, a great little shop where i get alot of my jewellery making goodies, Chrystal is a lovely lady who is very happy to give help & advice, her little shop  is in a  Norfolk village,  she also does 'mail order' for those of you that are to far away to visit here is the link makes a great cup of coffee too.
Please follow the link and have a look you'll be amazed as to whats in there  :)
Jay x

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Brighter days ~ I hope

Yesterday was the forth anniversary of my husbands death, 'they' whoever 'they' may be say things get easier as time passes, time heals, but this is not always the case not for me anyway.
Yes, time takes away the initial hurt but the emotions get stronger, well thats what I have found anyway.
But today is a brighter day for me...its the beginning of my New Year...I can now look forward to a beautiful bright Summer with warm breezy days, the delight in finding new flowers in the garden (have you seen my garden lol)  the sounds of birds & bees and the new life that blossoms forth.

My daughter wrote a little piece on her blog about how she felt titled  Belief, her words are wise and can be read here if you would like to read them, her blog covers many things and is well worth a peep :)
I find it hard to 'open up' on my blog but i am trying, so i would like to thank you for reading and i look forward to reading your comments
Jay x

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Mention Of Your Name

Do you make them laugh up there?
Does your smile bring them good cheer?
Do you make the sun shine brighter,
Like you did when you were here?

The very mention of your name,
The memories of your smile,
The little things you said and did,
Are with us all the while.

You meant so very much to me,
There’s nothing left to say,
Except that without you here
There is no perfect day.

For no one knows the heartache,
That lies behind our smiles,
No one knows how many times
I have broken down & cried.

I want to tell you something
So there wont be any doubt,
You're so wonderful to think of,
But so hard to be without...

Author unknown