Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Promise

When Life is a tunnel, so twisting, so black
That you can't see your way forward, nor feel your way back
Then just call out to me.
When you stand in such need of a friend
I am the comforting voice in your darkness
The sympathy no words can express
The warm glow around you when misfortune strikes cold
The shoulder to lean on, the hand stretched out to hold.
Whatever your need is, then that will I be
Until you walk forth in the light at the end.

Author unknown

Balance Bundle

I have been 'studying' Native American Ways for a while now, and one of the things in this particular lesson is the 'Balance Bundle' the belief is that to release emotion that stays in the body make a medicine bundle.

Identify the of mine for example at the moment would be 'anger' it is suggested that I would need to find a 'twig' and name that twig 'anger' (and so on depending on which emotions I want to release) then break the 'anger' twig and throw it away...saying 'release anger'(& so on until all twigs have been thrown)

Then place inside a piece of cloth a small stone with 'anger' written on it (or whatever emotion it is you're dealing with - on seperate stones)...roll up this cloth and carry it with you to remind you that you have let go of that 'bad' feeling, or that you are in the process of 'letting go'