Monday, 25 June 2012

Be happy :)

Thats me lol

Eye eye

Well at long last after 4 years of saying 'no' I have finally agreed to have my eyes operated on, my first appointment for measurements etc to be sorted out is tomorrow I need to have the 'lens' measured as both need replacing, it seems that my own lens are growing 'thick' not allowing the fluid behind the eye to move around the back of the eyes, this in time could cause cateracts so to prevent this I am having 'my' lens removed and plastic ones put in....this will of course releave the pressure that is building up behind my eyes
First operation is going to be on the right eye on the 19th July, really not that long to go now
It may also mean that i won't have to wear glasses anymore....only time will tell if i shall need them for reading or not, thats gonna be a strange feeling ~ been wearing glasses since my 20's thats many moons ago i can tell you lol