Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mini Envelope Album

Hiya, this is the first Mini Envelope Album that I have made, hope you like it.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More cards

Hiya, thought it was about time I uploaded a few more  cards/ here goes
Blessings Jay x

Stamped with Nostalga stamps, coloured with ProMarkers, backgrounds are Cuttlebug embossing folders


The following 'keep sake' church  & card were commissioned for a 60th Wedding Anniversary

                     The Owl House...just because I like Owls

The following   'keep sake' kennel  & card were commissioned by a friend for a 60th birthday, apparently the lady in question loves the colour red, dogs & owls

Now this IS what I call art

If you haven't already seen this wonderful art  you are in for a treat,  its beautiful beyound words
Jay x

Stand by me.....

I just lurrrrrve  this  and wanted to share it with all you bloggers out there
enjoy  :)
Jay x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Farewell Con

Farewell Con is a Northamptonshire based Rock Band of which my son is Vocal & Guitar
Please go and listen,  I am soooooo proud of my little boy....who incidently is no longer so little lol

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Two planes landed in England today, one brought back a group of overpaid,
underachieving footballers. the other brought back seven coffins, each
with the union jack draped over them, footballers play for our country,
soldiers FIGHT for our country, footballers give ninety minutes.
...Soldiers give their lives I know who I respect ... R.I.P our boys.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Good morning

Good morning bloggers, I've not had much to add to my blog of late, still looking at blogland to see the kindof things I can add, any suggestions would be keep it polite hahaha, so decided to add a few cards I've recently made, the following green card is for a friends birthday...hope she's going to like it :)

                               I made the following card for the Sketch challenge no 7 @ Trimcraft

The last two ...well they just were made for no particular reason :)
Can't remember who this little character is, but it's kinda cute lol

and Bently Bear

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my cards
Blessings Jay x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Clashing colours

Hello *waves*
Just had to add this card to my blog, its sooooooo bright and cheery, I just lurrrve the clashing colours ~  I made it for the Trimcraft sketch challenge no: 5 and just love it, even if I do sound as if i'm blowing my own trumpet lol

Here's the link  if you fancy having a look at some of my other creations :)  it should take you straight to my gallery.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, I know I am ~ always makes me feel better!
Blessings Jay x

Monday, 17 May 2010

Hi guys
Seems I've been neglecting my blog lately, never to sure what to put in it...however, I just had to add this snippet  its a 3 year old playing the drums & i'm telling  'ya this kid rocks 

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sugar Nellie, Rockin the sweet stuff

As part of their 3rd birthday celebrations Funkykits are giving away 20 spot prizes to blogs who show off this banner, just click   & grab one for your blog!

Blog candy

There is some fabulous blog candy up for grabs here  :)

Friday, 30 April 2010

Letter of thanks

Hi guys
I was really chuffed this morning when I received the following letter from Cpt. Christmas who is based at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, I am the West Norfolk coordinatior for and regulary send out 'shoeboxs'  full of goodies  & one of the main things I tend to send are cards made by myself and the wonderful Trimmies  on Trimcraft
So it was with sheer delight to have received the following:

If this is a little to small to read, here is the link to it on Trimcraft where it is a little larger for you to read  :)

Jay x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hello everyone
Well today I have I have managed to get my blog to play nicely, I've managed to upload my award in the sidebar as you can see :)

Have discovered that 'Impulse' body spray doesn't fella has run upto me in the street to give me flowers someone suggested maybe I was spraying it in the wrong places lol

Here's my effort for sketch 3 on Trimcraft

Have used Inspirations Black & White  paper for the  background
hope you like it.

Blessings Jay x

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Hi everyone I have been given a blog award from  Sammay   and  Tracey and until I can work out how to put it into my sidebar I'm gonna post it here :)

Update, as you can see my blog decided to play nicely and I now have my award in the sidebar :)

So it is with many thanks to Sam & Tracey that I have got my very first award, thank you ((hugs))
Blessings Jay x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Challenge cards

Hello everyone,
Thought I share with you a couple of cards that I made for a sketch challenge on Trimcraft the first card was for sketch challenge 1
Popcorn bear I think he's soooo cute

Sketch  two challenge card is made from white card stock stamped with black ink flowers,  panels made from black & white card/paper and stamped with Inkadinkado stamps.  Butterfly stamp Wings (can't remember maker) stamped twice and layed to give a 3D effect. Friends give you Wings is from the same set.  Black & Silver outline stickers top & bottom, and stickles sparkle to finish.


Hope you like them both.

Well Easter is now upon us, so here's wishing you a lovely Easter weekend whatever you are doing.
Jay x

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Help needed please

Hello everyone,
Sorry I haven't updated my blog for a little while,  but I have been unwell and had no inspiration at all.
I did however win some blog candy from Jude @ Dragonflycrafts  here  thanks Jude, looking forward to receiving my goodies :)
Need some help from all you lovely bloggers out there I've been trying to upload some of your lovely blogs to my blog list, but keep getting the message 'error on page' whenever I try, it's a nightmare...can anyone advise please.
Jay x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sunny day

Hello everyone,
Well it's been a beautiful day here in Norfolk, so much so I actually did some gardening, cutting out the dead from some bushes and cutting back others.
The garden is looking tidy, but the puppies have dug up some of my bulbs...naughty pups. I guess that might be the way of things for a little while!
I've received my blog candy goodies from larkygirl,  so will get around to taking a picture & load it up soon.
I'm also getting fed up with not being able to 'follow' some blogs or add them to my site because of 'technical' blips...pop up's even through my 'pop up' thingy is turned off, & error on's driving me potty HELP.......................................!
Jay x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Wow I won candy

Hi everyone,   I am one happy little bunny today, I just found out that I have won some blog candy from Larkygirl here thanks Tracey ((hug))
I'm soooo excited I don't remember ever winning anything before, can't wait for postie to deliver :)
It's a beautiful sunny day here in Norfolk and I have just come back from a lovely country side walk with the puppies, can see Spring is settling in the Snowdrops look beautiful and brought a smile to my face and can now see the daffodils popping up, won't be that long before the clocks go forward, long hot sunny days and warm evenings I hope.
Well it's also Mothers day, so here's wishing all you Mum's out there a wonderful day.
Jay x

Friday, 12 March 2010

WI evening

Hi everyone
I had a lovely evening at the WI on Wednesday, we were hosting an event for visiting WI groups, our speaker was a retired policeman who protected the Royal family,   I can't remember the last time I laughed so much, the funny stories he told were amazing, we could have listened to him all evening.
The food laid on by WI members was just great, they remebered they had a vegatarian amongst them this time lol
The flower arrangement went down well everyone from my group loved it, and I over heard some comments from the visiting groups one of them being "you can tell a professional arranged that"  to which I quitely smiled and went on my merry way :)
The flower arrangement was donated to the the treasurer of one of the other groups as she is seriously ill, I do hope it put a smile on her face when she received it.
All in all a great evening
Jay x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Floral arrangement

Hi guys,
I spent most of yesterday buying, conditioning and arranging  flowers, I'm a  member of the WI and we are hosting an event this evening where various members of other WI's will be visiting, other members of my group  are sorting out the food etc;   I'm not into baking etc;
So my talents were brought into call as a florist....
Here's a piccie

I hope they like it, it took me long enough to do
Blessings Jay x

Monday, 8 March 2010

Well this is the first entry to my blog, so forgive me if it seems a bit topsy turvy, as I really haven't got a clue what I am doing.
I've just had a lovely relaxing weekend with my daughter who has visited from Oxford, so obviously I don't get to see her that often but it's been really great, she's been showing me all sorts of unphathomable  is there such a word things to do with blogging, isn't techonology wonderful ~ sarcastic note appearing from nowhere lol.
I am hoping to add photo's of my cards, atc's and anything else that takes my fancy as I go along my merry way, so here's to a new experience and I hope you will enjoy and join me along my new paths journey.

Here's a few cards  I made earlier lol...I've always wanted to say that :)

Righty I'm off now to look at other blogs to see what I should really be doing...
Blessings Jay x