Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Two planes landed in England today, one brought back a group of overpaid,
underachieving footballers. the other brought back seven coffins, each
with the union jack draped over them, footballers play for our country,
soldiers FIGHT for our country, footballers give ninety minutes.
...Soldiers give their lives I know who I respect ... R.I.P our boys.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Good morning

Good morning bloggers, I've not had much to add to my blog of late, still looking at blogland to see the kindof things I can add, any suggestions would be keep it polite hahaha, so decided to add a few cards I've recently made, the following green card is for a friends birthday...hope she's going to like it :)

                               I made the following card for the Sketch challenge no 7 @ Trimcraft

The last two ...well they just were made for no particular reason :)
Can't remember who this little character is, but it's kinda cute lol

and Bently Bear

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my cards
Blessings Jay x