Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Brighter days ~ I hope

Yesterday was the forth anniversary of my husbands death, 'they' whoever 'they' may be say things get easier as time passes, time heals, but this is not always the case not for me anyway.
Yes, time takes away the initial hurt but the emotions get stronger, well thats what I have found anyway.
But today is a brighter day for me...its the beginning of my New Year...I can now look forward to a beautiful bright Summer with warm breezy days, the delight in finding new flowers in the garden (have you seen my garden lol)  the sounds of birds & bees and the new life that blossoms forth.

My daughter wrote a little piece on her blog about how she felt titled  Belief, her words are wise and can be read here if you would like to read them, her blog covers many things and is well worth a peep :)
I find it hard to 'open up' on my blog but i am trying, so i would like to thank you for reading and i look forward to reading your comments
Jay x


Charis said...

"Happy New Year" mum!

(I made myself cry too writing it!)

Sylvia x said...
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Sylvia x said...

What a lovely thing to write to your mum...bought a lump to my throat.

"Happy Bright New Year" J to you and yours and may your tears be tears of joy...

love and hugs

Sylvia xx

Charters said...

Happy New Year, thinking of you. 'Belief' says as much between the lines as it does in reading it. A lovely dedication.

Hugs xx

June x

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Glad that you are having brighter days hun, hope that they continue for you
Lindsay xx

Cheryl said...

oh Jay Hun so sorry to hear this,I just wanted to pop over to say Hun,as I am a friend of Lindsays,bless you Hun,really brought tears to my eyes hugs Cherylxxx