Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Hi friends,  I cringe every time i look at the photograph on the post below, really hadn't realized how much weight i had put on.  That's what comfort eating does for be warned.
Todays been a good day,   eating has been healthy ~ might give myself a little treat later on ... well you have to have treats don't you otherwise this loosing weight business will become to stressful then you land up at stage one again.
Back to the photograph thing,  think i will get a friend to take some more for me over the weekend so that i can see how far i have come,  i've been loosing inches even if my weight hasn't done much, i've gone from a size 18 jeans down to a size 14 and some of those i can pull on & off without undoing (oooer to much info' lol)
Well my friends what have you been upto?

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