Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hello everyone
Well today I have I have managed to get my blog to play nicely, I've managed to upload my award in the sidebar as you can see :)

Have discovered that 'Impulse' body spray doesn't fella has run upto me in the street to give me flowers someone suggested maybe I was spraying it in the wrong places lol

Here's my effort for sketch 3 on Trimcraft

Have used Inspirations Black & White  paper for the  background
hope you like it.

Blessings Jay x


tracy said...

very nice jay and had a laugh at your impulse thread, i have yet to find a spray to attract that attractive man, my head turns when i smell two fragrances one a male scent and another spose you could say unisex, somewthing i wore as a teen and in my twenties, most hated it but when i smell it now it brings back sooo many memories, my parents absolutely hated it shame i had to grow up lol

charismagic said...

Love the purple pic in your sidebar! How did you manage to make everything work?! Bet your very very pleased with yourself xx

charismagic said...

PS. Love the Friends badge too x