Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Clashing colours

Hello *waves*
Just had to add this card to my blog, its sooooooo bright and cheery, I just lurrrve the clashing colours ~  I made it for the Trimcraft sketch challenge no: 5 and just love it, even if I do sound as if i'm blowing my own trumpet lol

Here's the link  if you fancy having a look at some of my other creations :)  it should take you straight to my gallery.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, I know I am ~ always makes me feel better!
Blessings Jay x


charismagic said...

Gorgeous! Pink, red & purple clashing? They're made for each other!!!!! xxxxx

Spyder said...

Hi your Purpleness! Thank you for popping over!! Love your pink-pink card!! It's fabulous!! Glad you liked Eddy...I do freebie Didi digi's every Wednesday,, they stay there a week and then hubby swipes them off and puts them in my digi store...doing tomorrow's right now!! I did an Elephant for last week as someone asked for an elephant, monkeys and dragons are looking bit rubbish at the moment but are in the pipeline (sort of 'stuck'!) so!! any requests are always welcome!