Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Medicine Man

The medicine man is widely revered by Native American tribes, with often little distinction from the shaman, priest or sorcerer. He is responsible for the health of the tribe & is a fountain of knowledge about herbs and their uses.
Medicine men who see into the spirit world can perceive plants & match a person's aura to the colour of the plant. A key figure in all tribes, the medicine man often goes on vision quests into the spirit world for answers to his patients' emotional & physical problems. The quest is accompanied by much ceremony, & often the medicine man smokes a pipe of sacred herbs & may wear an animal costume.

(taken from my course material... Native American Teachings

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Sibylle said...

And once again there is the association of colour, body, and healing. I sometimes think that although each culture developed their own healing "system", the basic underlying wisdom is very similar...

Much love and blessings!