Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What to do!

Well what do i do,  thats not a question its a statement, having spent a large part of my life as a mother & teacher to two well balanced children, both of whom i am very proud, i feel that my daughter is becoming my  inspiration.
I read her blog on a regular basis and find that i can relate to much that she says, it sometimes feels as if i have gone back in time and i am the one that is on a learning curve, she is following much in my footsteps with her thirst for knowledge but in doing so, has sparked my thirst for learning once again.
A few years ago i started a home study course on  Native American Teachings which i thought i had finished, as it happens i hadn't and i have approached BSY Group to ask if after many years if i can  pick up where i left of and finish this course, now awaiting their response.
And so the story continues........

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Charis said...

Any news on your course yet mum? I'm so glad that I'm inspiring you & that you've reignited your passion to learn.

I'm proud of you too xx